Monday, December 29, 2008

Am I dreaming?

I dreamt of something...and when I woke up..the next thing I know...I got exactly what I dreamt of...Whoaa...!

Monday, December 22, 2008


Aihh....feels so lonely all the time...
Been trying to make myself busy..but when I'm not doing work..I stare into open space..and just think about my life...will I ever find love again? hurmmmm...

I go everywhere..I see couples loving...makes me so jealous! haha...and has been about 1 year I've been single..yikess! Time flies...and I don't want to be alone !!

Mommy!!!! She has been praying for me too at Tanah Suci Mekah...praying that I will find someone special in my life...Amin...

Do I sound desperate? Hahaha..I just feel lonely lah...normal rite..I'm sure I am not the only one who feels like mom pesan..when the time comes...ade la tu InsyaAllah..Let God Almighty plan...we pray! and usaha la skit2 mana boleh =P

Ok..entry ini sgt mengarut..tapi tula jadinye bila dah bosan..hehe..till next time...laterss!

Sunday, December 14, 2008


A lot of things happened during the past few was of course some were upsetting..unexpected...suprising..and sad...but u know..everything happens for a reason..and thats why..I am accepting all that God has planned for me..and pray for the best yet to happen in my future..Insya Allah... =)

High Performance Challenge (HPC) Track Day

I went to Sepang with him..accompanied him to attend the track day. It was my gift to him for his birthday plus the big day of course..So I'm glad..he invited me to go with him..and so happy!! =)

Sepang was hot as usual..I almost melted! huhu..but the HPC event was fun! Got to take pictures and videos of him racing in his black fast so furious! =P

Was timing his race performance at the same time..He took about 2 mins 50 seconds to complete 1 entire lap at the Sepang track..laju rite? :)

I bet he was so puas hati he got to ride his car on the track with all the other riders..there was quite a number of fast cars..and knowing him and his touge event..haha...mmg syiok la dia kat track too! Happy! Happy!

Of course the best part of this is..we got to hang out again..Yayy!~ It's been a while we haven't been spending time together...and I am truly2 grateful we had this chance and happiness all the way! *big grin*

Hope I get to enjoy and spend time with U again some other day...

Treasure Hunt & Annual Dinner

This happened recently..last Wednesday..

It started off with the treasure hunt...had to be at the office at 6pm! But it was worth 1st time being in a real treasure hunt that was like Amazing Race..fuhh..I was exhausted and yes...I really2 enjoyed myself because we WON 4th place! Yahooo~~~

The hunt location was from TPM, to Cyberjaya (1st time there) Putrajaya (1st time here too! really2 beautiful place!)...then Sunway Pyramid..

My team was called Old Driver..because our team lead Mr Yamani..well...he is oldest in the group..haha..we should have called the team Cranky Old Driver la...because in the reality tv shows..mmg ade aksi2 gaduh2..muahahah...nasib baik last2..dia mintak maap..kalau tak..mmg I merajuk! =P

At Cyberjaya..we were running around this playground..and I fell ! :( Sakit tau...tergolek mcm dlm cite hindustan..nasib baik tak guling2..haha...Then at nice view..the offices and buildings were amazing! Then at of the activities was ice skating! Syok!..I haven't been ice skating for a while..but not bad..I did good! heheh...

The last part of the hunt was to prepare presentation slides..which we did very2 good..because of that..i think we got extra marks for the hunt..heheh..We won Jusco vouchers and so..can go shopping again! Yay!!

Later that night, we had our annual dinner.. I went to do hair and make up at Sunway (sanggup!..haha)...Lucky..because I dunno how to make up and after the lady make up me and permed my hair..I looked like a princess! :P hehe...

The dinner was at Borneo Baruk Club...(1st time there too)..and our company had their own Band...had fun and forgot about the back ache that happened earlier from the treasure hunt...hahaha..There was and people everywhere! Really2 a cool partay I would say! :) Oh another thing I forgot to mention..I wore a very2 beautiful dress I bought from East India along with the shoes from Voir..all in all..I spent about RM500 for the dinner! Crazy rite! haha..but once in a while la..once in a while :P

Saiful's Last Day at GSD

Saiful is my good friend at GSD. He got another job..which is better and more of what he wants to do...I am so happy for him..but sad lar..coz he will be leaving us...tak cukup korum la pasni nak gi makan...nak SameTime...nak gossip...nak follow gi jenjalan mkn cendol lepas sembahyang jumaat...nak gurau2...nak menyakat...hurmmm :(

Sedihnye....!!! Saiful..if u are reading this...see how important u are! Siap ade dlm blog I lagi tu...hehehe..Wish u all the best at the new place..and tolong doakan I gak utk evaluation kat sini...Keep in touch and take care dude!! Miss you!!!

Mama & Papa completed Haji

Alhamdulillah...mama and papa has completed all their rukun Haji and are now Hajjah Norlian and Haji Zainal.. =)

Miss them so much and smoga mereka sihat di sana..get to do more ibadat2 sunat, dapat Haji Mabrur and selamat pulang ke tanah air...Love u mama and papa...rindu!! Take care!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


My parents are going to Mecca to perform Haj tomorrow..

Sending them off to Kelana Jaya at 5am this morning..they have to register at 7.30am and their flight will be at 11.30am..

Ya Allah...

Semoga mama and papa dapat menunaikan Haji dgn baik..dapat Haji mabrur...Didoakan juga mama and papa sihat and dpt mengerjakan ibadah dgn khusyuk and may Allah bless you both..Also I pray that both of you selamat pergi dan selamat pulang ke tanah air..Amin..Amin..Amin...

Tolong doakan utk Ara and the others jugak ya...

Sunday, November 23, 2008


I haven't seen U for 5 days..tried to contact U..but responses so far has just been.."Ha ah" or "OK.."

Looks like U already organized out Ur priorities and I'm not on the list..maybe?

No feelings can describe how I'm feeling now...

If we're just friends...I guess it means :

1. Less hanging out together
2. Less talking on the phone/less sms

How about...
1. Asking U to escort me buy that?
2. Movies?
3. Trips?

How empty my life feels, when I'm about to lose all this..with U...
What was I thinking?

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Some questions I stumbled upon when googling for other unfortunate human beings like me..

I guess the questions will remain unanswered...*sigh*

Why did we have to part while we both still care? Why did we have to suffer? Why did we have to cry when somebody said goodbye? Why did beginnings have an end? Why did we have to meet only to lose in the end?

How is it that so much time spent loving and caring for a person can suddenly crumble to the ground? How can words of tender endearments suddenly be turned to comments of blind hatred and revenge? Why is change such a feared presence?

Where is it we go when we step outside of the comfort of familiarity? How do we recreate joy when so much is trapped beneath the rubble of failure? Where is the strength to pick up all of the delicate shards that reflect the beauty of true love?

Is there a cloth thick enough to wipe away the blood of our bleeding hearts? How can we absorb the surrounding happiness of our friends when our closest friendship has been sapped of any reminder of happiness? Why, if we still breathe, does life end until the rocky moment of acceptance? How does love end? does love end???

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Wow..that was unexpected

The title says all...

U made me realize that its all gone forever...

It has changed...everything has changed...

I didn't think it was going to be this fast..but its happening already!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Only Hope

There's a song that's inside of my soul
It's the one that I've tried to write over and over again
I'm awake in the infinite cold
But You sing to me over and over and over again

So I lay my head back down
And I lift my hands
And pray to be only Yours
I pray to be only Yours
I know now you're my only hope

Sing to me the song of the stars
Of Your galaxy dancing and laughing
And laughing again
When it feels like my dreams are so far
Sing to me of the plans that You have for me over again

So I lay my head back down
And I lift my hands
And pray to be only Yours
I pray to be only Yours
I know now you're my only hope

I give You my destiny
I'm giving You all of me
I want Your symphony
Singing in all that I am
At the top of my lungs I'm giving it back

So I lay my head back down
And I lift my hands and pray
To be only yours
I pray to be only yours
I pray to be only yours
I know now you're my only hope

Friday, November 14, 2008

New phone, Cameron Trip, I miss him

1. New phone

I bought a Sony Ericsson K770i. Love it. Bought it with him. My 1st Sony phone after using Nokia all this while. Let's hope its better.

2. Cameron Trip

BTA wave 4 organized a 3 days 2 nights trip to Cameron last 2 weeks. It was so much fun. Went to Boh Valley, Strawberry park, Cactus Valley. Good get-away trip!

3. I miss Him

After some time,today I cried again. Just miss him so much. Even though it was just 2 days ago I met him when we bought the phone together. Hurm...I really do miss our good times together. I used to be able to just be myself around him. Now..I have to be careful of what I say. Don't want to be saying something that I might regret. I truly miss him and my heart is sort of begging for his love again. But, its impossible. I know. Reminding myself..We're just friends. *sigh*


Monday, November 10, 2008


I am praying the days to come to get better each day...

I have this feeling that its going to be OK and WE WILL BE OK...

I have faith...

Wednesday, October 29, 2008



I'm glad we met today...

Although it wasn't quite the happy ending I imagined..but it felt good to be seeing U again...

U look great...and I wanted to tell U this..but it didn't come out of my mouth for so obvious reasons...I missed you so much!

Being with U just now almost felt like the good old days...I'm thankful for that...

I wish that the night would not flyby so fast...and I wished we hadn't had that complicated "crap" just now...The night would have been PERFECT! It still is...but it could have been better...

Tonite..I'll think of U like I always do...and hope to see U again soon...


& why the heck am I still crying all by myself whenever I think of all this...because my love for U is somewhat impossible and exists only in my own fantasy world......he will still belong to somebody else...and me? I'm just alone...GAME OVER FARAH! U lose..... =(

Monday, October 27, 2008

Can't focus

I am a bit lost here and there as u could imagine..

For my open house which was on the same day he had his big event..a lot of ppl came to me and asked "Are U ok?" I bet it really did show on face that I was unhappy...I even fell into the drain..for God's sake! Injured my leg a bit..but worse of heart was hurt...badly...

Still wondering what he is up to...what he is doing now with the other he happy? I constantly feel so lonely whenever I think of all this..and its not easy going thru every single day when U have to fight with ur own emotions..why can't some ppl just understand that...

Some ppl in my family think that I am way too emotional and some even started to make fun of me! Try putting urself in my shoes and let's see how well u can do...But I don't care what U guys think of me..I believe in letting out all my emotions..coz I know..if I keep it all day I will U tell me..which is better? Annoying sobbing crying now...or angry volcano erruption later? That's right..U know the answer..

Anyway..Whatever I am going to write down later in my blog meant for me to release all of my stress and I hope if there is anybody reading them..if u intend to advise me..good..but don't push it to go "all-blaming-on-me" may be the right thing to do..but plz..give me some space..

My mind is lingering on Tuesday evening..he will be back in KL..feel like meeting up to hear the news from the man already kind of miss him..He made a promise to me..and I know he will keep his promise and wouldn't dissapoint me..

As for now..I got tons & tons of work to do..on a public holiday! Yea..I know I shud be relaxing..(which I did) but must get my lazy ass to finish up this work soon in order for me to enjoy the rest of the week pleasantly...

*Angin..sampaikan rinduku padanya...I miss U...*

Sunday, October 26, 2008


25 October 2008

I heard the event was good...I heard it all went well..I heard U looked happy..Of course U are..Good for U...I bet U looked like a very handsome prince..I'm glad U enjoyed Ur big day...How lucky... *Sigh*

Oh wait...did U think of me? Did I cross Ur mind for a while? I hope so..I really hope so..
I miss much...I hope this is not Goodbye...

I Love U.. *CRY*

Monday, October 20, 2008

Gudnite to u my prince

Thanks for the card..

Unfortunately I wouldn't be able to attend your big day...not that I don't want to..but u'r right..and ur friends were right..I would just cry and make a fool of myself..I don't want to ruin your big day and become the silly Julia Roberts in that movie My best friend's wedding.. :(

I am hurting myself more now...It's been ages and the feeling still won't go away...How am I going to survive the days to come? Arghhh...its so tiring...! Its so tiring to keep on telling myself that I would be OK...time will heal things...what if I'm not OK? What if I end up feeling sad for the rest of my life? Gosshh!! That's so sad and scary!

...I'm so lost without u....

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

10 days left

I have 10 days minus the days that I actually get to see u..sigh...such a short period..I shouldn't even been counting..but sadly I am.. :(

I I wish....I was the end up with u....

Ok2...the right way should be...I wish...for ur happiness..even tho its not with me...As long as ur happy...guess that should make me happy too....

*Cry*..... I can't do this...

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Slim ke? Heheheh...

Hi Everyone..

Still on raya break..thank God..leh lepak and rest2 lagi..huhu..

Raya was fun..even tho..2 days je balik kg..2nd day raya..all of us dah balik kl..some got work..some off to sambung holidays in KL for just means that I can spend more relaxing time at home =)

A bit of flashback on raya usual..wake up early to go to masjid and sembahyang raya...then we had our lemang, nasi empit? (betul ke spelling), rendang, sambal...yum2...sebut je dah terliur rite? hehe...I didn't eat a lot..mebi bcoz already used to fasting..but still...enjoyed the raya delicacies..! Had our salam2 & maaf-maafan session..and of course..the giving and receiving of duit raya!...yezza...I still get duit raya hokeh..jgn jeles! hehe..

After that, we went to pose2 outside with tons and tons of camera that came out of no was raining a bit..but everyone still posed...(kan dah familia ni sume suke berangan next top model..*lol)...people already started visiting our house during the photo session..and it continued the whole day..and finally we also went to visit other ppl's house for raya...a tiring but eventful day..yg pastinye seronok! :-)

That was the normal duduk dpn tv...tatau nak tgk cerita ape..(coz takde astro kat kg) chit chat with cousins..main2 dgn kucing..( to mention..we brought our new kitty-chico...back to kampung..luckily she behaved in the car..) and last2..everyone tired..went off to sleep..

Next day..still got ppl visiting our house..I was already in my jeans and shirt..huhu..then mlm tu..sume pon dah siap2 nak balik kl...smpi kl...midnight...tdooo....Zzzz (-_-)

Today...I checked my facebook...and my friends commented I looked slim..betul ke? hehehe..berjaya gak la puasa ni menguruskan sket!! kena maintain ni..hehe..

Another madness that happened during few weeks before that I went shopping..and I overspend..uwaaa...tula..bagi lagi credit card kat angah..kan dah kepokaian..huuu...betul2 shopaholic la..mmg sah! huhu..abisla..pas raya ni kena jaga2 sket...takleh shopping nanti tak larat nak bayar...hentikanlah sementara keinginan mendapatkan barang2 kehendak ni...aduii... *moral of the story....bijaklah berbelanja! =P

All in dapat cuti raya and spend time with everyone..even tho..ter-broke skejap! hehe...Kawan2 yg nak wat open house tu...don't forget to invite me yaa.... see ya when I see ya!

Thought in my mind : " Couldn't help thinking how nice it would be if I could spend raya with you..miss you so much.."

Friday, September 26, 2008

Selamat Hari Raya

Just a quick note to wish everyone Selamat Hari Raya..Maaf zahir batin and don't forget to invite me to your open house..hehe...I will notify u guys if I'm doing one this year...Enjoy ur holidays! Muahhhxx!!!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I don't believe it..there are so many grumpy ppl out there!

Despite the fact that they spam me and the others with 30-40 emails, they also started to pick a fight with each other! How frustrating! and the so called leaders who we think were suppose to help out, just ended up making things immature! I'm glad I'm out of that group of ppl..but too bad,some of them are really a nice bunch of ppl...I guess that was all the ego talking from them... *sigh

Monday, September 15, 2008

Raya is around the corner!

Hehe..I know..its not sooo around the corner..but I'm excited...coz I'm taking a long holiday..! 1 week plus the following Monday..still on holiday! Yay! Even tho I would just prolly be spending time at home..but at least i'll be relaxing and relaxing..and relaxing! hehehehe....

Just a quick update on what happen last week, I manage to behave...YES..that is the right term..after doing several solat hajat..I became more calm and finally some sense is going to my head..Thank God..Alhamdulillah... =)
I'm not going to stop here..I still need ur guidance Al-Mighty..plz guide me..Amin...

When I met him, we enjoyed our evening and managed to spend it without goin thru a fight.all happy2 and 'matured'..hahaha..I think I may have managed to accept the truth bit by bit..altho I still..uh..nevermind..don't even make me go there! Yikess! *Bites nail =P

Anyway, my parents and I went to Keramat and bought some kuih raya last weekend...coz Along baked some cookies that will last only for a few days.. (sikit sgt..and hangus sket kat base dia...hahahaha) ok2..tak baik ckp org..I pon tak reti buat kuih ok! lol~

We already tempah our baju raya..and this year...tak larat...i repeat...tak larat nak anto kad raya kat sape2..bukannye korang balas! hahaha...sms sudah! So preparation for raya is already 8/10...tinggal duit raya je tak tukar lagi plus kemas2 rumah..and nak abiskan puasa jugak...*wink2...

"Attention to my little siblings and cousins..ur duit raya is not going to increase this year..coz Angah is considered baru start keje kat company be patient and pray I'll get a pay raise then I will double up ur ang pows!" Amin...

Hehe...till next! =P

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

How do I feel ?

I did a really stupid thing yesterday. I met him for buka puasa..suppose to be a happy event...It went well the first hour after we break fast..then it turned ugly..I turned ugly! I regret use crying over spilt milk eh? *sigh

All I want was some answers..but being not thinking straight at that point..I have to disagree with everything..I think I was trying to put all the blame on him and make him feel guilty..but in the end I ask myself...what for? He's still going to belong to someone else anyway! Its just a waste of time and energy..I have become more and more inconsiderate than I thought..what happen to me????

And for that, I pay the he doesn't want to see me. He said..we'll just end up in another fight. I almost had to beg him to agree to see me tomorrow..sheesh! Talk about desperation! This weekend he is not in I'll be alone again..better get used to this..coz I'll be alone sooner than I think..well..alone meaning that I'm not with him la that is..

I don't even know if he still loves me anymore..this phase that we're going thru..all I can think of is he needs to concentrate on his new life..why would he care about me anymore? Oh crap...all this thinking is making me more tired and stress for no reason..worse still..its effecting my work!

A friend suggested to do sembahyang istiqarah..let God help me decide what to do..I guess I will have to do that...keep on praying and doa too..and hopefully I can see things clearly again...I really2 put myself into a big mess this time..and its too late to turn back.. *Cry

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Arrogant *******

Hmpphh! So ungrateful....So selfish...So immature...and yes...So arrogant!!! I'll show u my arrogant...eeee....geram!!! Grrr....

*Calm down Farah...

Today I'm going to meet the ex-D-Linkers for break fast at Kampung Baru least can catch up with will be good to hang around other ppl I guess...forget that I have problems for a while..yeah..lookin' forward :)

And oh yea...annoucement...I am looking to get a kitty...our cat just dissapeared..dunno what happened to him...So if anybody has little kitties that they want to donate...plz donate to me..hehe... =)

Friday, September 5, 2008


I can feel it coming...its really happening to me now...I'm scared and extremely hurts! :(

Thursday, September 4, 2008

I need stronger antibodies!

I just recovered from diarrhea, now I'm having fever!

I still went to work tho for the past 2 days...totally freezing at the office..I segan kat my boss...last week I took MC for 2 days..this week takkan nak MC lagi? But oh I feel so weak...Dr Ejannz..If ur reading this...what is the quickest way to recover from fever besides meds? Hehehe....

Earlier today when we had a forum session with Shakta and Thorsten..waa...I felt like my bones were shaking inside out! So bloody cold..that I had to walk out of the auditorium....and its still very cold outside..definitely the fever is getting to me...

When I got home, I wrapped myself in my duvet..I can feel my face going very2 hot...felt like smoke were coming out..but I'm cold...waaa....tak sukanye demam!! Later tonite after my dad comes back from Terawih, he's going to bring me to see the doctor...and yeah..might be taking MC after all for tomorrow.. *sigh

Come to think of it...last week, I was taking care of that someone because he fall sick..ntah2..menjangkit kot ! antibody not good enuff la that means!!! I'm the one who needs taking care of...who wants to volunteer?? hahaha...

Oh least I can rest tomorrow..instead of trying to constantly wrap myself with my jacket/shawl and at the same time still do work! Multitasking babe..haha..Off to bed...wish me well people...gudnite~

Monday, September 1, 2008

I leave it to God

Selamat berpuasa everyone...Semoga bulan ini dapat dilalui dgn penuh berkat and jiwa yg tenang..Amin..

As for me..I sgt2 la tak keruan skrg...I know its not good..esp in the month of Ramadhan..So I pray to God..he will help me get thru all this..

There's only 2 months left before his title changes...What happens to me then? :-(
It feels so unfair...and I know I shudn't be complaining because this is all God's fate..Wishing for a miracle is either too cruel...or too selfish of me...or there is also this possibility that the miracle is not going to happen at all (99.9999% kot)...arghhh!

My friends and family are the ones trying to push me to move on...but it seems like I'm the stubborn one here..I could not just let go...not yet...and I'm so afraid of what will happen to me when that day comes.....*sigh

When I see him, I am always hoping for happy endings..but these few days...all it has been was just conflicts...more and more conflicts..I ask him.."Do u hate me or what?" and he replies.."Don't ask unnecessary questions" (......)

If I don't say anything...its just a quiet outing (silence all the way)..If I say something..its always the wrong thing...arghhh....what else am I suppose to do???? I know many of u are thinking..why the heck is Farah still going out with this guy..well here's the truth..the stupid real truth....I don't want to waste the days that I could still hang out with him whereby he still has no official strings attached...I mean..after this...I don't even know if its possible...and thinking of it just hurts my feelings...

By now its so obvious who is the bad person in this love triangle kan? And maybe that is why God is punishing me..even though I sayang sgt2 this person...but lain would probably still say I am the bad guy...

It felt like I already met my soulmate..but I could not have him...It's so hard...!! I feel so frustrated and tired fighting with my own feelings...and I am on the brink of losing it..Oh God...plz help me...

Ya Allah...Di bulan yg mulia ini, Aku berdoa pada-Mu, agar Kau kuatkan hatiku menghadapi semua dugaan dan cabaranMu..Tunjukkanlah padaku jalan yang benar...If he is not meant for me, let me accept all this in a good way..and hopefully there is a much more better person for me out there..Amin...

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

@ home...On Sick Leave

Sigh...Suppose to be sick at home but I'm still doing work..VPN through my office network from home...penatnyeeee!

On another side note...cried to sleep last nite...
This person is really making me sad...Come to think of it..ntah2 sebab tu I fall sick! ceh..

I feel yet again..Syiok Sendiri after reading someone's blog...and perhaps I am in the way of everything????? Oh God..please help me find the right path....I know in my heart that this feeling is true..why is it not happening to me!??!?! Give me all the kesabaran in the world..Amin...

Ok la..really bored now..Back to work...Wish me luck for presentation this Friday~~

P/S : My friend Shu-Wen is off to South Africa at 1am tonite..wish u a very safe journey my friend..Goin to miss ya!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Someone cooked me dinner today!

Happy! Happy! Happy!

For the 1st time someone very special to me cooked me dinner..It was pasta with cream sauce! Yummmy! I am so "terharu"...and I feel so happy..*Grins!... =D
Thankssss! Sayang u !! (.")(",)

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Sementara tgh rajin ni..cepat2 coret isi hati..huhu..

I am basically lost at the moment..lost with so many stuff hanging around in my is work..really trying to prove myself as a BTA ! I don't even want to start commenting on that! hahah.. Cammon Farah..u can do it ! Don't give up and try ur best ! I love my job! I love my job! hahahahahha~~~

2nd thing lingering on my mind is non other than my love...hmmm..soon to be leading his own life..Why doesn't a miracle happen to me? I am lost for words whenever I try to pretend happy in front of him..where as in my heart...I'm crying! I actually did cry in front of him yesterday...and I think I hurt his feelings just by doing that..I'm sorry dear...How do I contain these tears when I feel defeated..lost...It's really game over.. =(

I wish I was the one to end up happily ever after with you...I wish for so many things that could only just be a dream in my sleep now...Besides my family, I have never cared for someone this much in my entire life..I hope u know that..Love u always...

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Recap : Bukit Tinggi !

This would be the best outing of all I have had with my DLINK friends I think..besides PD la..we went all the way UP to Bukit Tinggi..and best part is..mommy approved of it..hehe..

We convoyed with 3 cars...1 Black Satria Dark Knight Touge style owned by Azali..I rode with him...1 BMW 3 series owned by Fauzi..and 1 Giant Turbo 4wd Terano owned by Emma..and oh yeah..we were also accompanied by Roger with his own Satria later on the highway..It was quite a big group and I am very2 happy that so many of us could join that trip in such short notice! Thanks guys!

On our way there, we stopped by McD's first to fill our empty stomach! Then by the time we reach the bottom part of the hill...the other 2 cars were instructed to go uphill first...because..jeng3...Azali's car and Roger's car were about to begin a Touge uphill race! yeah! I was in Azali's u can imagine how I felt like that time...a lil' bit of scared...a lil' bit of excitement..but overall...I was more excited the whole way up! Azali is really good at controlling his car at a very fast speed ! Salute man! So was Roger lar...but he lost.. :P hehe..(FYI: To those who dunno what is Touge.. you can visit this link :

We reached at the top of Bukit Tinggi and it was raining a bit..but that did not stop us from going to visit all the beautiful places up there..We headed of first to Colmar Palace! WoW..! I must say, it is amazing view there..there are castles.. and gardens...swans...I feel like I'm strolling down a Kingdom like Narnia! hehehe...its really2 beautiful! We posed all over the place..Well...I did :P

We even did jump scenes! wohoo~ Somehow I feel that that is going to be a MUST do snapshot now for really got to know the newbies too in personal..Farry and Marilyn..good knowing u guys..even tho it was for a short while..hope to keep in touch yeah? :D

After that..we went to Japanese garden..which was all about Greenery! Felt peaceful and calm...and also model for WWF! not wrestling ok..but wild life foundation :P hehehe...

We didn't stop by the Botanical garden because some of us was already tired..but I just took a picture there anyway..! and again..only some of us...Me, Azali and Roger went to the rabbit park! Guys..u shud have gone there..the rabbits were so adorable! and not to manja too~~ Then we head back to KL..where another agenda was planned among some of us..Burn had booked us tickets to watch Wanted at Cinileisure Damansara..even tho it was 2nd row..but we had hell of a good movie time..coz it was FREE! hehe..Thanks Azali.. :D

And after all the long day's event..we finally head back home and guess what..I was back at 1am in the morning..and my mom...hahaha..was very2 unhappy...why I'm laughing? Well..let's just say..she scared quite the hell outta me with all the hujah2 and yelling..I feel like a kid again..Love u mama..sorry! Didn't mean to be late..just got delayed a bit :P heheh...Thank God the next day she was neutral mode

So I would like to share some photos we took at Bukit Tinggi..maybe won't be able to upload all here..could prolly upload later in my fotopages (hmm...when will that be?) hehehe...I really2 had fun on this trip and hopefully we can do it again...! Yippee!!

The jumping scene!

Colmar Castle background

Beautiful pond waterfall thingy..hehe

The hut at the Japanese Garden!

Cute rabbit!

Recap : Bowling

I would like to recap a lil' bit..since i took my own sweet time to update feels like I have to summarize several entries in a nutshell! huhu..
We had bowling sessions just few days before I moved to my new company (which is BAT btw)..The first round was with my peep's Fiona and Monica! We managed to play 2 games..and Fiona won both of the games! wohoo!
2nd round was with the same 3 more ppl; Zhafri, Rafie and his friend :)
This time it was more of a gender fight to la..good competition...everybody bersemangat to score strikes! Thank God I scored too~ huhu..but in the end...It was still Fiona as the champion! yeay! Girl power! We also went makan2..and the boys had a game or 2 for foosball..then we ended the session by taking very cool pictures of ourselves..huhu..memorable outing guys! I miss u all already! uhuk..uhuk...

The makan place..Kopitiam something..huhu

The food


Zhafri vs Monica

The scores!

Me posing ! heheh

Sunday, July 6, 2008

New job

Hye all...
For those who don't already know..yes..I have switched new job now is at British American Tobacco as Business Technology No..I am not selling tobacco..hehe..

Job scope is more towards IT management..sorta thing..I am still undergoing training until 18th July..then its real working time with our own dept..

So sad to leave my friends at Datacom..but yeah...this is a career progression for me..and I guess all of us have to part some day..We still keep in touch tho..that's nice..

I would love to update more on BAT, but as of now..just no mood..and lazy really! till next "un-lazy" time...c ya !

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Happy! Happy! Happy!

Hey..Hey! It's been a while since I updated this blog! Well..normal excuse is "I'm busy"..haha...Anyway..Just wanted to add this post about happy kids jumping around (see pic above)...As you can see..these happy kids...well...they look like they wanted to fly!~~~ lol

Anyway..this pic was taken last Saturday..Emma had a birthday party for her family..and invited us over to her place for BBQ After eating lots and lots of food..we decided to go around the neighbourhood...Her parents house was in be more specific...Lavender Heights...the taman looks like Bukit Tinggi weih~ hehehe....well at least that tower behind us look like one from there..

Anyway...the place was nice..byk lg tempat2 menarik that we could hang out..but after eating..everybody was plain tired..Some even dah mcm turbo dlm keta..hahahahaha...

Thanks Emma for the trip and food of course..About that jumping and Monica had to remind ourselves...we are not from don't care...jump all u like~ lol....

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Flood! Oh my...

Last Saturday...My house flooded! OK..I'm exaggerating..not the whole house..just 3 rooms that got affected.The piping around the house was somehow blocked and then the tap was turned on...and kaboom...suddenly our house banjir!! *cry*

Atok and nenek was at home...sleeping..they did not realize the flood until 2 hours later...Me and Along was at work at that time..and Mom and Australia of course..Luckily..Atok and nenek managed to control the situation..The flood wasn't too bad..I the time I got was just still lecak and we had to take care of electrical stuff..According to Atok..the flood was about setinggi buku lali! Thank God nothing bad happened..I was just worried the plugs and other electrical stuff would get damaged or get power surged..Alhamdulillah..sume ok.. the condition is a bit better...just a bit smelly la of course..because of the damp things...abis la bill electric tinggi...full blast kipas in all the rooms! huhu...

That's my story for today...pengalaman banjir..yg sgt mendebarkan..Nasib baik tak ape2..Till next entry..Gudnite~

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Do we look cute or what ? Hehe...

Last 2 weeks...went for movie marathon..well sorta..with some friends...We 1st went to watch Narnia - Prince Caspian (Thumbs up!)..Ben Barnes was like Super Hawt with the accent! *grins*.

A week later..We went to watch the premier for Indiana Jones at Times Square (Thumbs down! Boooringg!)...Not quite what I expected from Steven Speilberg...Well...apart from the alien part which he HAD to include in almost every movie....and in THIS was total nonsense! huhuhu...'s post is all about showing off to everyone how cute we are (yes we are cute!hehe...) and also to show you guys that taking pictures with human beings, props and even Pandas can be extremely fun !!!!!

All this was taken in front of the cinema..while waiting for our movie to start rollin'...Hehehe...Enjoy~~~~~

From left : Princess Monica, Princess Farah, and Prince Adi..and then we have Princess Farah with Ravi..(the macho warrior! =P)

p/s : The background pic of Prince Caspian is so the BRAVE looking..hehe...

The next shot...was with a real life human being...that can make 1001 facial expressions :P

As u can see...He is so proud of it! hahaha..And yes...we are all still cute in these pictures..Mr facial expression had to kembang his hidung on the last

Control macho lagi...

Dia dah jelir lidah...huhu..Sementara Farah & Monica masih!

Aksi kembang hidung!! huhu...

This would be the cutest of the lot....with Mr Kung Fu Panda himself..Woohoo!! Even though he is so gigantic....but still adorable..! And would u just look at Adi..ish3...strangling that poor panda..huhuhu...

Panda..u are so big..Don't squish me..huhu!

Adi : "I will kill you..Muahahaha" :P

Monica : "Haiyaa! I am Kungfu Master too" :D

And there you have and my craziest friends..posing like kids..and enjoying ourselves to the Panda was hurt in the making of these snapshots.. :P

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Menjaga Hati

2 days ago..My prayers were answered..Alhamdulillah..
Me and my best friend are talking again.. :-)

We managed to help each other move on..(I hope)...All that I wanted to ask him..I finally found out..Thank you for your honesty..I'm glad we are talking again..I almost gave up at the last minute..but I wouldn't dissapoint me..

Although, a part of me is a bit sad..Why? Most probably because I know we are not going to be so close as before..He is going to build his own life..things wouldn't be the same..I know I should be happy for him...Trust me,I am..but you can't blame me for feeling lonely and sad..I cared for him so much..but life must go on...and I accept all its my fate..I know for a fact..he did care for me too... :)

This one is for you...
Thank you for giving me "our sweet memories"...Yes...I will remember them forever and ever...!!!
Thank you for being there when I needed you the most..Thank you for teaching me about love, life and friendship..Thank you for treating me like I am the most beautiful girl in the world..Thank you for making me more confident..Thank you for making me happy...Thank you for our friendship...Thank you for everything..and last but not least...Thank you for loving me..even though it was for a short while..I cherish every moment..I pray for your happiness...Take care my friend..

Monday, May 5, 2008

Finally...My Adidas

After days of searching in Midvalley, Gardens, Pavilion, KLCC, and Sg Wang...I finally ended up in Midvalley again and found my Adidas...Yahooo~~

Its not Superstar, because the one I wanted was already old season (shucks!). But never mind,this pair is the latest and newest of the lot..and its almost the same in terms of the color...pinkish..girlish me..hahaha..I love it !

Al-kisah, I went to Midvalley alone that day, thinking that I must complete my mission to find my Adidas...Even tho I did not find my Superstar..this one already brightened up my day! Its about RM250 and its still on the rack bebeh! heheheh....Can't wait to show of to Adi, Monica and Zhafri...they are going to be soooo jealous :P

On a side note, I watched Iron Man last Friday...It was awesome! Robert Downey Jr couldn't have looked more macho in that movie..hehe..For those who haven't watched that movie yet, be sure to stay in the cinema until the end, because after they show the VERY long castings...there's more to the heads up ya? Enjoy.....!

To my new pair of Adidas...I know you will look good on me...Shine baby Shine...LoL~

Income Tax

It was quite exciting to be doing the income tax..1st of all, I did it for my parents...
Theirs were quite straight forward, coz they already had their existing pin number..But mine...I had to go to LHDN office in Jalan Duta and get my pin number for E-Filing...OMG, dlm hati ni...rasa2 cam tak sempat je..Tomorrow was the due date and I had to do everything last minute! ahaha...and then I had to drag my parents along coz i dunno how to go there on my own..thanks mama and papa! hehe...

After we arrived there, lots and lots of people were doing their last minute process like me...~phew~ hehe...Managed to get a pc that was right at the corner..and finished of what was necessary..My 1st income tax that I needed to pay was RM17.70..Tadaa....!!! Luckily it was just a small amount..This year, I'm going to buy laptop lah..make it easier for calculation next tax! hehe..

The picture above is the receipt for my 1st Income tax payment...hehe...The tagline at the bottom of the receipt says "Terima kasih kerana menyumbang untuk pembangunan negara" ...hahah...That was easy!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Superstar Adidas

My project for next to own these pair of Superstar Adidas! Wow...I like!!!
I tried it on last night..and just fell in love....huhu...There was no size 6 I will wait for the next stock..woohoo! Thank you Adi and Monica who were escorting me for window shopping yesterday..We also met up with Lawrence and Tony to watch Fool's Gold later that nite. The movie was great too~ Romantic comedy by Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson. For the can click here

Wish me luck for the new shoes!! hehehe.......

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Derrick & Team

Last Saturday...Me and Monica went for a 'hair relaxation day'...
For was fix all this frizziness..and for Monica, a hair treatment..
The place was not bad..quite affordable. My rebonding retouch was RM180 with free hair treatment and free hair cut. And Monica's hair treatment was some duo treament,also with free hair cut that cost her RM120..not bad rite? :)

Anyway, this salon was had Schwarzkopf professionals doing our hair ..Cool~~
And Misha Omar was their regular..and out of all the days..she was there too when we did our hair..hehe...'s our new hair look....Tadaaa~~

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Its been a month now..

Seems like you have moved look happy all the time...
Did you even care about how I felt ? Did you even notice???
All the things I put myself through... *sigh*

Well...maybe no hope now...
People said we would be OK in 2 weeks, its now a month..
I shouldn't even be thinking about you anymore..its not like you care...

If at all you were playing Cruel to be Kind... I am truly hurt now..but then you care....

So now I should try to buckle up...It won't be easy...but I will definitely try my best...
I just pray to God that He will help me get over this...Amin..

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Hey..I miss you...

Dear Friend..

It's been ages since we talked or hang out together..I feel miserable..and really2 miss your company..I really2 miss you.. =(

I am still you told me too..waiting for the day you will wanna talk to me again..and of course..waiting for our friendship to start over again..will that ever happen?

I want to see your smile again..I want to be by your side when you need a helping hand..Do you want to see me smile again? Will you be by my side when I need a helping hand?

I want to trust you..I want to be patient and respect your decision..but waiting seems like forever now... Sigh~

Anyway, my friend...I want you to know...I am right can count on me...I have never forgotten you...I am still hoping for a miracle...I leave that to Allah Almighty..Dear God, Please save our friendship...for I love my friend so much..Amin...

Saturday, April 5, 2008

No Air

One of my favourite songs at the moment..No Air by Jordin Sparks and Chris Brown..
Good vocal combinations in this song..I love it !! Beautiful melody..beautiful lyrics~

Sunday, March 30, 2008

California Fitness~


I'm still feeling down..but joining California Fitness might help me get my mind off things..

I am starting next month..wish me luck guys! I am aiming for 2 things:

1.Lose weight
2.Become the HAPPY Farah again!

Go can do it! :)

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Letting go...

I wish for your happiness...
I hope you will remember our memories together...
I will let you go...because I LOVE YOU.... :(

Saturday, March 22, 2008

I'm sorry

To those people that I've hurt...I'm really2 sorry for everything.. I hope you have a place in your heart to forgive me....