Monday, May 25, 2009

One day in your life

One day in your life
you'll remember a place
Someone's touching your face
You'll come back and you'll look around you

One day in your life
You'll remember the love you found here
You'll remember me somehow
Though you don't need me now
I will stay in your heart
And when things fall apart
You'll remember one day...

One day in your life
When you find that you're always waiting
For the love we used to share
Just call my name
And I'll be there

Sunday, May 24, 2009

New Job

I got a new job at EDS as a business analyst... =)

It will be in Cyberjaya..and I will start working there on the 6th of July..Wish me luck in my new role...!

On a separate note...I finally got to meet him this weekend..Both Saturday AND Sunday (Yay!)...On Saturday..we planned to watch a movie..but there wasn't any good we ended up going for shopping..makan2..jalan2...And today (Sunday)..We had breakfast together...then I went to accompany him go house hunting at Tmn Desa...all in all..happy...*smile*

But he made a confession (that I've heard so many times before)...and well..let's just say...I am a bit upset..I still don't want to believe what he said..and I hope he's just saying that to hide the truth..I dunno..It feels so complicated...

Sad story aside, I just want to be happy....with him...while I can...and I appreciate that he still wants to hang out with me...Hope this part of our friendship will last forever..I don't want to lose him..hmm...

Tomorrow is work day..(Boring!) I will officially be leaving BAT on the 30th of June..(Thank God)..But will surely miss my friends there..and of course..those free cigarette rations...huhu...but its OK...It will be a new experience..and hopefully I will make new friends in Cyberjaya..*wink*

Till my next update..Toodles~

Wednesday, May 20, 2009



Today I got lost when trying to find my way back to KL from Cyberjaya...
For heaven's sake...I was just there last week! (But that time..I had Fairul to guide me there) make sense why I got lost this time around! hahahahah....

Later in the afternoon...had lunch with Shu-Wen's boss..Pieter..He's from South Africa...and I'm very happy to have had the opportunity to meet him..such a great how Shu-Wen described... =)

On another note..I'm looking forward to meeting that somebody again next week...hehehe...

Hmm...what else...*Fiddling....*

Oh crap! I just remembered that I have to f*cking go to work tomorrow! (Coz today was a lovely day at home - I was on leave..Yahooo!) I just want to leave the company asap...Hopefully I hear good news from the 2 interviews I've been to..Pray hard...Amin..

Will update more...Till then..Good nite peeps!!

Monday, May 18, 2009



Red Highlights

Hello...Today I went to do my red the usual Derrick & Team salon...(at Midvalley)...

I found out my going to leave the salon soon..and open up his new salon..that's good! Can get discount he said..hehe...(Just hope its nearby tho..)
On another note..ade assistant stylist baru kat Derrick & Team, nama dia Kory..not bad..handsome jugak...tapi...dia panggil i akak ! he must be a young boy...or I just look old ! sheeesh....!! lol...

Anyway...It's 1.15AM and I can't sleep...I still feel dumb and upset because that certain someone still hasn't texted me..Sampai hati...dah lupa kat i ke? =(

If being so lonely feels like this...I am probably not going to take it very well when the actual situation takes place..*Uwaaaaaa..........This is harder than I thought..Its making me so tensed and I'm overloaded with stress! Don't likeeeeee!!!!

Ape2 pon...I have to be strong..this is another test for be patient Farah...hopefully you will get some good news in the end....Hope so ya...Amin...

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Interviews & Meet up with Fairul

Hey..It's been a while since I attended any interviews...
Well today I attended 2 ! Haha..the 1st one was scary to the max..the CEO interviewed me and was so grumpy for no reason...The irony was..he put on a very angry face..and was telling me.."Our company is a very people oriented company"...ERRRKKKK!! Wrong!!
Your face tells me the opposite! huhuhu...

Anyway...2nd interview was much better...I might have nailed it..Tapi kita tunggu jela..Still scouting around for the best opportunity..Harap2 dpt yg terbaikkkkk! =)

I also took the chance to visit Fairul in Putrajaya! Yippee....!! Lama sudah tidak jumpe dgn beliau! Seronok skali...Fairul was my friend in DLINK and it's been ages since I last saw him..Terima kasih la belanja mkn and bawa I jalan2 di Alamanda...and showed me around Putrajaya..(jadi tourist sekejap!Nak amik gambar...but he didn't allow me!LOL!)

After my so tiring explorace from Damansara > Putrajaya > Cyberjaya...I singgah sekejap di office to use up the facilities..ngahahaha....I printed 10 copies of my resume..just in case I feel like going to the career fair tomorrow at !

That's your fault (Blaming my company)...who told you to give me empty promises!?! huh...

Anyway...I'm so happy & satisfied that I got to fill up my Saturday with eventful activities..

But.. when it comes to night time..I start missing that someone AGAIN...its been 3 days...and I still haven't heard any news from him...Is he not going to text me at all? =(
So much for my hopes...hmm....At times like this..I will look back at my previous posts and ask...does this all matter?

I don't like being invisible..Hate it..! me the right path...Amin..

Friday, May 15, 2009

I hate THEM

Both of you b*tch and son of a b*tch are now on the TOP of my "I HATE YOU" list...

You guys disgust me and really hope you will be punished one day...If you're not should know..its not right to step on other people's head...and stop giving empty promises just so that you can get your filthy work done!

What goes around...comes around...REMEMBER!
What you did to me...SOME DAY...others will do it to you...

I HATE YOU BOTH !! Period.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Invisible Mode

Semester break means I have to be "invisible" for a while...It's only been 1 day..but to felt too long already! Argghh...!!

So to avoid myself being too restless and missing the obvious too much...Let me recap what I've done for the past week...

Wednesday...Met him after work..We had our casual chit chat..sharing our stories...spending time with him is always happy moments for me...

Thursday...He took leave..went to renew his car roadtax and insurance...I had to blardy work..coz the FINAL presentation for BTA...(nervous mode)

Friday...After presentation..Felt so RELIEVED...I think I did well..felt more confident than last time =)
Again..It's a miracle if I do get this job...6 out of 16 can only survive...huhu...

So to celebrate my success (freedom) from the BTA programme (yg seksa!)..We went to watch STAR TREK ! I loved it! Sylar jadi spoc..huhu..

Saturday...Spent the whole day with him...It was like old times..If I were to post an entry about it here..It would never end!..hehehe..I'd never thought of getting an opportunity like this again...So I was smiling till my ears when I got his invite that morning! It does bring back good memories..and I'm truly happy for that...I guess sometimes its good that we can't predict things ya? Especially if it turns out to be so romantic  =P

Sunday..Rest at home..Called him to just hear his voice.. (hakhak...gedik lak rasa!) 

Monday...Got my ciggarette rations...Met him again..Had dinner and a pleasant evening... =)
But he told me about the semester break and that kinda got me worried a bit..1 week or 4 weeks..!?!!! *sigh*
That night, I sms him..saying I want to see him everyday before the visit...

Tuesday..So far so good...invitation accepted...I think he is going to miss me too..but he was just too ego to admit it! =P

Wednesday..I was on my way back home..I suddenly decided to call him up..and to my suprise...he said..."Come and see me...the visit is tomorrow"....and so I went to see him..
Dinner was interrupted by his friend tagging along..(boring)...So after we said our goodbyes..I salam tgn dia...and asked if I could call him later tonite..

And today..Thursday...I am in the INVISIBLE MODE... =(

Dear XXX...
I'll miss you so much...
I hope the weeks pass by quickly so that I can see you again...
Forget me not...
You take care now...

I Love You...

Sunday, May 3, 2009


Yay! Yay! Yay!

I got to out ...which means that my weekend wasn't so boring after all...(appreciate if the other days were occupied too..but yah..what the heck..) at least I don't feel like my weekend was wasted! =)

Today at 9.27am (belum bgn lagi!) I got an sms from my friend (yg dirindui) asking me if I could help pick him up at the bus station..He's on his way back to KL..and I dah 8 hari tak jumpe dia so... hell yeah..of course I would pick him up =P

Dpt la jumpe and spend time with him...Yay..Double Yay..hahahah..I'm just so happy and excited to meet him..

Anyway..We ate at Satay Hj Samuri (Sg Buloh branch)...had our chit chat and catch up..told him about my little battle with a frog last nite...that made him laughed so hard that he looked somewhat adorable at that point...I felt happy just telling him the story...seeing him smile and laugh..makes me feel appreciated!

After that..I sent him home...Owh....He brought me a vegetable (petola) yg ditanam behind his kg house.....and told me to cook it..huhu~! (so sweet!)

Bila dah hantar dia..I went back home..tapau some satay for my family...Mama and Papa came back from Bandung,and still unpacking their stuff as we speak...byk brg..mama biasa! =P

So to conclude..I got my happy last minute unplanned outing with non other than Mr A yg baik hati..hehe..Yayness!! Tenkiu...I love you to bits! *wink*

Saturday, May 2, 2009


To think that I would be spending my long weekend full of all just went down the drain..

I planned to go for a picnic..or visit Bukit Tinggi..or mandi sungai..or going on an adventure exploring new places...or just simply a movie...

and none of the above happened!

Instead...I was just sitting at home....trying to find something to do that's hopefully enjoyable and the result.....= nadahhh!....mission failed!

Why? Well..let's just say..when there's a holiday..or long weekend..some people already planned to balik dgn dgn girlfren...and me? Yg single and all alone nih (sheesh..I hate myself now)....ditinggalkan la alone..mcm biasa! Can't complain much can I...? Sape suruh tak cari bf..ahaha...(ingat cari bf ni mcm calling a cab ke..bila u nak..terus ade?!) dang...Sungguh bosan...(and lonely)

Mom and dad kat Bandung pulak tu...Sisters gi dating and lepak with friends..
When I asked them out..sume taknak ikut..FINE...I'll just sit at least save duit kan..Argghh...then wtf am I still complaining?

I think I just miss that someone.."Hey you...Come back quick!..I need to see you...I know you don't get bored seeing me everyday..." =)

Hmm...Ok people..Let me just get back to my boring the internet..kemas la ape2 yg patut...I was so bored until I even wash my car instead of sending to car wash hokeh! and Baby Boy also I mandi kan..haha...padan ur clean and wangi! =P

Till next post..tata..

P/s: Ade final BTA presentation next Friday..wish me luck! =)