Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Recap : Bukit Tinggi !

This would be the best outing of all I have had with my DLINK friends I think..besides PD la..we went all the way UP to Bukit Tinggi..and best part is..mommy approved of it..hehe..

We convoyed with 3 cars...1 Black Satria Dark Knight Touge style owned by Azali..I rode with him...1 BMW 3 series owned by Fauzi..and 1 Giant Turbo 4wd Terano owned by Emma..and oh yeah..we were also accompanied by Roger with his own Satria later on the highway..It was quite a big group and I am very2 happy that so many of us could join that trip in such short notice! Thanks guys!

On our way there, we stopped by McD's first to fill our empty stomach! Then by the time we reach the bottom part of the hill...the other 2 cars were instructed to go uphill first...because..jeng3...Azali's car and Roger's car were about to begin a Touge uphill race! yeah! I was in Azali's car..so u can imagine how I felt like that time...a lil' bit of scared...a lil' bit of excitement..but overall...I was more excited the whole way up! Azali is really good at controlling his car at a very fast speed ! Salute man! So was Roger lar...but he lost.. :P hehe..(FYI: To those who dunno what is Touge.. you can visit this link : http://kansei.wordpress.com/

We reached at the top of Bukit Tinggi and it was raining a bit..but that did not stop us from going to visit all the beautiful places up there..We headed of first to Colmar Palace! WoW..! I must say, it is amazing view there..there are castles.. and gardens...swans...I feel like I'm strolling down a Kingdom like Narnia! hehehe...its really2 beautiful! We posed all over the place..Well...I did :P

We even did jump scenes! wohoo~ Somehow I feel that that is going to be a MUST do snapshot now for us..lol..I really got to know the newbies too in personal..Farry and Marilyn..good knowing u guys..even tho it was for a short while..hope to keep in touch yeah? :D

After that..we went to Japanese garden..which was all about Greenery! Felt peaceful and calm...and also model for WWF! not wrestling ok..but wild life foundation :P hehehe...

We didn't stop by the Botanical garden because some of us was already tired..but I just took a picture there anyway..! and again..only some of us...Me, Azali and Roger went to the rabbit park! Guys..u shud have gone there..the rabbits were so adorable! and not to mention..so manja too~~ Then we head back to KL..where another agenda was planned among some of us..Burn had booked us tickets to watch Wanted at Cinileisure Damansara..even tho it was 2nd row..but we had hell of a good movie time..coz it was FREE! hehe..Thanks Azali.. :D

And after all the long day's event..we finally head back home and guess what..I was back at 1am in the morning..and my mom...hahaha..was very2 unhappy...why I'm laughing? Well..let's just say..she scared quite the hell outta me with all the hujah2 and yelling..I feel like a kid again..Love u mama..sorry! Didn't mean to be late..just got delayed a bit :P heheh...Thank God the next day she was neutral mode again...lol..

So I would like to share some photos we took at Bukit Tinggi..maybe won't be able to upload all here..could prolly upload later in my fotopages (hmm...when will that be?) hehehe...I really2 had fun on this trip and hopefully we can do it again...! Yippee!!

The jumping scene!

Colmar Castle background

Beautiful pond waterfall thingy..hehe

The hut at the Japanese Garden!

Cute rabbit!

Recap : Bowling

I would like to recap a lil' bit..since i took my own sweet time to update it..now feels like I have to summarize several entries in a nutshell! huhu..
We had bowling sessions just few days before I moved to my new company (which is BAT btw)..The first round was with my peep's Fiona and Monica! We managed to play 2 games..and Fiona won both of the games! wohoo!
2nd round was with the same peepz..plus 3 more ppl; Zhafri, Rafie and his friend :)
This time it was more of a gender fight to me..haha..no la..good competition...everybody bersemangat to score strikes! Thank God I scored too~ huhu..but in the end...It was still Fiona as the champion! yeay! Girl power! We also went makan2..and the boys had a game or 2 for foosball..then we ended the session by taking very cool pictures of ourselves..huhu..memorable outing guys! I miss u all already! uhuk..uhuk...

The makan place..Kopitiam something..huhu

The food


Zhafri vs Monica

The scores!

Me posing ! heheh

Sunday, July 6, 2008

New job

Hye all...
For those who don't already know..yes..I have switched job...my new job now is at British American Tobacco as Business Technology Associate...so No..I am not selling tobacco..hehe..

Job scope is more towards IT management..sorta thing..I am still undergoing training until 18th July..then its real working time with our own dept..

So sad to leave my friends at Datacom..but yeah...this is a career progression for me..and I guess all of us have to part some day..We still keep in touch tho..that's nice..

I would love to update more on BAT, but as of now..just no mood..and lazy really! huhu...so till next "un-lazy" time...c ya !