Tuesday, August 26, 2008

@ home...On Sick Leave

Sigh...Suppose to be sick at home but I'm still doing work..VPN through my office network from home...penatnyeeee!

On another side note...cried to sleep last nite...
This person is really making me sad...Come to think of it..ntah2 sebab tu I fall sick! ceh..

I feel yet again..Syiok Sendiri after reading someone's blog...and perhaps I am in the way of everything????? Oh God..please help me find the right path....I know in my heart that this feeling is true..why is it not happening to me!??!?! Give me all the kesabaran in the world..Amin...

Ok la..really bored now..Back to work...Wish me luck for presentation this Friday~~

P/S : My friend Shu-Wen is off to South Africa at 1am tonite..wish u a very safe journey my friend..Goin to miss ya!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Someone cooked me dinner today!

Happy! Happy! Happy!

For the 1st time someone very special to me cooked me dinner..It was pasta with cream sauce! Yummmy! I am so "terharu"...and I feel so happy..*Grins!... =D
Thankssss! Sayang u !! (.")(",)

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Sementara tgh rajin ni..cepat2 coret isi hati..huhu..

I am basically lost at the moment..lost with so many stuff hanging around in my mind...one is work..really trying to prove myself as a BTA ! I don't even want to start commenting on that! hahah.. Cammon Farah..u can do it ! Don't give up and try ur best ! I love my job! I love my job! hahahahahha~~~

2nd thing lingering on my mind is non other than my love...hmmm..soon to be leading his own life..Why doesn't a miracle happen to me? I am lost for words whenever I try to pretend happy in front of him..where as in my heart...I'm crying! I actually did cry in front of him yesterday...and I think I hurt his feelings just by doing that..I'm sorry dear...How do I contain these tears when I feel defeated..lost...It's really game over.. =(

I wish I was the one to end up happily ever after with you...I wish for so many things that could only just be a dream in my sleep now...Besides my family, I have never cared for someone this much in my entire life..I hope u know that..Love u always...