Sunday, April 26, 2009

Ulu Yam

Hari Sabtu lepas I went to Ulu Yam..

My friend and I went to have dinner there and kitorg singgah sebenter to one of the hutan lipur there that had the sungai...ehehehe...Mula2 teman dia pegi Rawang...then saje2 jenjln ke Ulu Yam...nak hidu fresh air...go to somewhere dingin2 yg tak terlalu lama tak pegi sana... =)

Since we didn't plan to go there...(on the spot he tibe2 rasa nak pegi)....of course la I didn't bring along any swim wear! If not...dah lama dah I terjun dlm sungai tu....! Hehehe...tapi takpela..dpt celup kaki pon jadi la...yg penting...dpt gak pegi..yay! happy!!

Ni la gambar I tgh hepi tersengih2 dpt pegi sungai di situ...huhuhu... (nak kata 1st time pegi..tak jugak...tapi teramatlah jarang2 sekali dpt pegi tempat2 terima kasih la kat my friend sbb bawa I gi sini...tenkiu2 !! Lenkali nak pegi lagi..jgn lupa bawa baju utk mandi! =P

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day Activity

Today, I went to FRIM with Mr A and had a good walking exercise up the Canopy Walk! Well...we didn't reach the top of course...but we still had fun! (and I was terribly exhausted ) when we reached the top of the mountain!Oh it a hill or a mountain? It felt like forever to reach up there! I also dunno...hahaha...

When we almost ended our walk, only then we realized..."Hey..its Earth day today!" So it felt like we did a cool activity for Earth day and enjoyed the peaceful walk (plus burnt some calories..hehe)...observing nature and appreciating the greens in the forest..hear the birds chirping...some other wildlife creature sounds of the forest...ahh..lovely~

We love earth! Happy! Happy!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Siapa sayang saya...Angkat tangan!

Is there anybody out there who really loves me?

hukhuk...feeling lonely tonite.... =(

I need a hug...!