Saturday, January 24, 2009

I am normal...results are negative~

Alhamdulillah...Thank God...I am normal ! hehehe....

If you are wondering what the heck I'm blabbing my previous post..

I had to see the specialist and paid a very expensive amount for a check up..haha..but i don't mind now..coz its worth it to find out I am healthy and not sick! =)

So thank you everyone who helped prayed for me...! I am fine..Thanks!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Bee Zee

OMG...I have been so busy since I joined the new dept GIO...uwaaaaaa....tension! is work..cannot complain much...

But other than that..what have I been up to?

I was not feeling well...actually for quite some time..had to see a specialist to find out what was happening to me..thank God..its healing..and took a blood test to further investigate if the viral infection was bad...I pray to God..its not..pls everyone..wish me well!

Good news is..Mom and dad are back! Alhamdulillah..diorg selamat menunaikan Haji and kembali pulang ke tanah air!

Dpt makan kurma & kacang dr sana..and paling air zam zam... ;)

Oklah..a bit tired today...u wouldn't believe what I did..but entry I might write about I want to rest...gudnite!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy new year 2009~


Welcome 2009....Had a good time yesterday during new year's eve. I went to join some of the BTA's at The Curve to watch the fireworks..not bad..but I've seen better.. =)

Then we were bored..the place was crowded..everybody wanted to rush back what the heck..we stayed back to go watch movie..hehe..we went to watch Yes Man! Cool funny movie too by Jim Carey..

The next day...which is 1st Jan 2009..woohooo..the new year...a new book...a new beginning...hopefully a better one! I started it by visiting that special someone..huhu...happy(3x)...he's got a sore eye...and is not feeling that well..but still managed to make time for me..thank youuuu...! Hope u get well soon ya...Take care~

Then the whole day....I finished of Heroes season 3..not exactly finished..coz I only have until episode 11..but..ok la..not bad..

Tomorrow's plan is to go to work..(boring)...and meet up with Joe...Got to pass him something and also meeting him up before he goes back to his hometown next week..hmm..and what else?

Oh new year's resolution...huhu...

1. Slim down...Farah! U have to do this else u will get fatter and fatter! :p

2. Get an exceed for 2nd rotation (job stuff)

3. Be more patient and stop nagging..hmm..this might be a bit tough..but I think I can slow down..huhu.. :P

4. Get a new kitten! weeee~

5. Ok2..this was already coming...I'm pretty sure its not suppose to be no. 5 on the list..but what the heck...I don't know if I can even do it.... = Find a partner/bf/whatever u call it nowadays? lol~~~

6. Love myself more....huhu...have been loving everybody else..I forgot about me...! :p

7. And yea..what be off 2008 resolution..and ya...the 1st one is IMPORTANT..hahahahhaa....

8. Oh wait..there is a no. 8..very2 important too! I need to start saving money!! $$$$ Ka-ching...I need to slow down shopping unnecessary stuff! hehe....Good luck! :P

Ok la..I am starting to talk crap again...means I am sleepy....Zzzz...

Happy new year everyone!
May the new year brings us more joy and happiness, more success, a more healthy lifestyle, a blessed life...and more love! Muahhhhss!!