Monday, December 29, 2008

Am I dreaming?

I dreamt of something...and when I woke up..the next thing I know...I got exactly what I dreamt of...Whoaa...!

Monday, December 22, 2008


Aihh....feels so lonely all the time...
Been trying to make myself busy..but when I'm not doing work..I stare into open space..and just think about my life...will I ever find love again? hurmmmm...

I go everywhere..I see couples loving...makes me so jealous! haha...and has been about 1 year I've been single..yikess! Time flies...and I don't want to be alone !!

Mommy!!!! She has been praying for me too at Tanah Suci Mekah...praying that I will find someone special in my life...Amin...

Do I sound desperate? Hahaha..I just feel lonely lah...normal rite..I'm sure I am not the only one who feels like mom pesan..when the time comes...ade la tu InsyaAllah..Let God Almighty plan...we pray! and usaha la skit2 mana boleh =P

Ok..entry ini sgt mengarut..tapi tula jadinye bila dah bosan..hehe..till next time...laterss!

Sunday, December 14, 2008


A lot of things happened during the past few was of course some were upsetting..unexpected...suprising..and sad...but u know..everything happens for a reason..and thats why..I am accepting all that God has planned for me..and pray for the best yet to happen in my future..Insya Allah... =)

High Performance Challenge (HPC) Track Day

I went to Sepang with him..accompanied him to attend the track day. It was my gift to him for his birthday plus the big day of course..So I'm glad..he invited me to go with him..and so happy!! =)

Sepang was hot as usual..I almost melted! huhu..but the HPC event was fun! Got to take pictures and videos of him racing in his black fast so furious! =P

Was timing his race performance at the same time..He took about 2 mins 50 seconds to complete 1 entire lap at the Sepang track..laju rite? :)

I bet he was so puas hati he got to ride his car on the track with all the other riders..there was quite a number of fast cars..and knowing him and his touge event..haha...mmg syiok la dia kat track too! Happy! Happy!

Of course the best part of this is..we got to hang out again..Yayy!~ It's been a while we haven't been spending time together...and I am truly2 grateful we had this chance and happiness all the way! *big grin*

Hope I get to enjoy and spend time with U again some other day...

Treasure Hunt & Annual Dinner

This happened recently..last Wednesday..

It started off with the treasure hunt...had to be at the office at 6pm! But it was worth 1st time being in a real treasure hunt that was like Amazing Race..fuhh..I was exhausted and yes...I really2 enjoyed myself because we WON 4th place! Yahooo~~~

The hunt location was from TPM, to Cyberjaya (1st time there) Putrajaya (1st time here too! really2 beautiful place!)...then Sunway Pyramid..

My team was called Old Driver..because our team lead Mr Yamani..well...he is oldest in the group..haha..we should have called the team Cranky Old Driver la...because in the reality tv shows..mmg ade aksi2 gaduh2..muahahah...nasib baik last2..dia mintak maap..kalau tak..mmg I merajuk! =P

At Cyberjaya..we were running around this playground..and I fell ! :( Sakit tau...tergolek mcm dlm cite hindustan..nasib baik tak guling2..haha...Then at nice view..the offices and buildings were amazing! Then at of the activities was ice skating! Syok!..I haven't been ice skating for a while..but not bad..I did good! heheh...

The last part of the hunt was to prepare presentation slides..which we did very2 good..because of that..i think we got extra marks for the hunt..heheh..We won Jusco vouchers and so..can go shopping again! Yay!!

Later that night, we had our annual dinner.. I went to do hair and make up at Sunway (sanggup!..haha)...Lucky..because I dunno how to make up and after the lady make up me and permed my hair..I looked like a princess! :P hehe...

The dinner was at Borneo Baruk Club...(1st time there too)..and our company had their own Band...had fun and forgot about the back ache that happened earlier from the treasure hunt...hahaha..There was and people everywhere! Really2 a cool partay I would say! :) Oh another thing I forgot to mention..I wore a very2 beautiful dress I bought from East India along with the shoes from Voir..all in all..I spent about RM500 for the dinner! Crazy rite! haha..but once in a while la..once in a while :P

Saiful's Last Day at GSD

Saiful is my good friend at GSD. He got another job..which is better and more of what he wants to do...I am so happy for him..but sad lar..coz he will be leaving us...tak cukup korum la pasni nak gi makan...nak SameTime...nak gossip...nak follow gi jenjalan mkn cendol lepas sembahyang jumaat...nak gurau2...nak menyakat...hurmmm :(

Sedihnye....!!! Saiful..if u are reading this...see how important u are! Siap ade dlm blog I lagi tu...hehehe..Wish u all the best at the new place..and tolong doakan I gak utk evaluation kat sini...Keep in touch and take care dude!! Miss you!!!

Mama & Papa completed Haji

Alhamdulillah...mama and papa has completed all their rukun Haji and are now Hajjah Norlian and Haji Zainal.. =)

Miss them so much and smoga mereka sihat di sana..get to do more ibadat2 sunat, dapat Haji Mabrur and selamat pulang ke tanah air...Love u mama and papa...rindu!! Take care!