Saturday, February 27, 2010

I have nothing else to write about....

Except my pathetic love life that is going no where..
Everytime I open my blog to tell a story about my life...
All that I feel like telling the world is how depressed I am...
It bothers me that I can't write about anything fun anymore...


I thought blogging was suppose to be easy...But all I feel like doing is pouring out nonsense..all over again...

Wish sometimes I could just freeze time..but then again..what for?

Monday, February 22, 2010


I've always wondered if I could love anybody else anymore..If I could accept anybody in my life ever again..Everything that has happened to me, makes me reject oppurtunities..or should I say..gets me rejected?

How do you love someone, if you can't forget your past?

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Boy Meets Girl

Here's another classic story of Boy meets girl...

Boy was introduced to girl..girl was always usual..
Boy was at first shy..but then..looks more relaxed the next day..
Boy wanted to go lunch together with girl..
Girl happily accepted..
Boy was the goody2 type..asked the girl to bring company..coz not used to just eating alone (just the 2 of them)
Girl..once again...happily got a girlfriend to join them for lunch...

Ladidadida..Cut the story short...

Boy, girl and girlfriend talked a lot of stuff over lunch..
Boy had more things in common with girlfriend..
Girl starting to get a bit lost..but..what the heck...act normal...

Next day....boy chats with girl..
and suddenly..
Boy asks about girlfriend....


Girl..trying to be normal..answered boy's question about girlfriend..
Next day..Boy chats with girl again..and ONCE AGAIN, boy asked about girlfriend...

This time..girl realized,this is going no where...time to get the girlfriend into the picture..
So hey..conference chat..boy, girl and girlfriend..but obviously..only boy and girlfriend talking..

My role in this probably just to hook up other people with their new partners...instead of getting one for myself...Need I say more?
Sekian...terima kasih..

Sunday, February 7, 2010

A Calm-Myself-Down Post

Prior to below's entry of freaking out post...I've decided to do another calm myself down..

YES, lately I have been stressed about something..But I've gotta distract myself from thinking too much..let's think happy thoughts here shall we...hmmm..what have we got:

1. Managed to clear of 2 things from my 2010 list; Fixed my car handle door and also tinted my lovely2 precious Gen II..hehe...It's reddish bronze..and I like it ! :)

2. Found out along's baby...sudah nampak heartbeat! Yay! Alhamdulillah..

3. Fairuz's new apartment ada swimming gile! Maybe boleh pegi sana swim..hehe..

4. Watched Tooth Fairy last weekend..not bad..

5. Met Fiona last week too..along with Donovan and Sam..had loads of fun and laughs...most importantly got to catch up with everyone..

6. Still thinking how my future is going to be...too much thinking (oh wait..this is not happy thoughts)...stop right there...moving on to no. 7

7. Thinking of getting a new hairstyle...postponing it..coz I have no idea what else to do..rebonding again?

8. Got rid of CIMB..yeay! Next is Commonwealth of Australia (CBA)...bit scared coz it's a bigger account..but..I accept the challenge!'s better for my career progression..Amin.. :)

9. Farid is here...he bought me a cool t-shirt - thanks!

10. And finally..I hope that I can get thru this...Please2 pray for me that everything will be alright...that I will be sane and still able to find happiness in my life..Amin

Till next post..(I hope there will be more interesting ones to write about)..Take care! :)


She stopped using them...meaning...what??
Are they going to...Arghhhh...scary!! freaking out...!! Stop!! Don't want to think about it!! Arghhhh!!

Please God, you know what I've been praying for...Please help me...Amin...

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Too honest is not good?

Is being too honest not good? Or do I just suck at doing it?
Today I accidentally confessed to a friend, that I was tired of hearing her lecture me 24/7 and also smashing me at almost every word I say...
She always said it's meant to be a joke..But if I hear ppl scolding me, lecturing me, nagging me everytime..and every word that comes out from my mouth, she needs to pin down..Don't you think I'd get very tired and annoyed?

So what I've been doing to overcome this situation (being annoyed..then for nothing might scold her back) is to actually avoid her slowly..trying not to be so obvious...but I guess this didn't work...

She asked me why I don't join her for lunch anymore, etc..etc, provoking me with questions..and poof..I became a little bit too honest..and told her how I a result...she didn't like it :(

So is it my fault now? Sigh..Confusion..Confusion..Of course I tried my best to filter my sentences..but I guess it just didn't come out rite? Uhhh...I don't know..I mean, she nag me all day long, boleh plak..the minute I say something similar..I'm the bad guy? Somehow..I feel that's not fair..Maybe some ppl can't take constructive comments? And she is suppose to be older than me..sheesh!

Thank God, at the end of the day, we pretend as if nothing happened..So I guess it's ok between us? (is it?) But yeah..Too honest is probably not so a certain extent..maybe? Bahh..I don't care...It happened already...Move on...Move on...