Saturday, June 18, 2011

Long time no update

Heyya peeps...

I dun think anybody is reading this..

Well just remembered I have a wanna do some updating even too it's way too late..

Some bullet points for my updates maybe? LOLOLOL

1. I got promoted to take on over a bigger account this year.. YAY (really?!) Bad side - more work..Good side - might get more moolahs..(let's hope!) :D

2. I went to Umrah..Alhamdulillah..selamat pergi dan balik..had the most wonderful experience there..and wanna go again..InsyaAllah...

3. We got total of 10 cats now..Mika delivered 6 kittens..and Tyra is now pregnant! YAY!!

4. I think I have someone who actually cares for me now..hehe..but prolly too early to say...but I'm happy to be around him..and vice versa..let's see how it goes ya? :D

5. Our family went to Bandung just before the Umrah trip! Shopping!3x...need I say more? LOL

6. I won tickets to watch Magical Musical (West End Production) from Fly was so romantic and fun! I would recommend everyone to watch it!

7. I am actively going to the least once a week! HAHAH :P

8. I went to Genting..and went for all the fear factor rides..including the solero shot! Syiok I tell you!! Wanna go again!!!!!

9. I went wall climbing - fear factor no. 2 !! Syiokkk also I tell you! heheh...

10. I am mostly broke nowadays - need to find a way to save up more money..heading to the bank soon to change all my coins..LOL!!! :P

So here are the top 10 things I remember to blog about this time..really..I think I might have just become more lazy to update blog...We shud just be able to record our memories or sumting in the future..hahaha...who knows? Till next post (dunno when)...ciao!! :D