Saturday, June 27, 2009


Yeah..finally...I got to watch Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen last Friday..huhu...

Most importantly..I got to watch it with him..hihihi..*blushing*

The day started awful..but I'm glad it ended so perfectly well..(well..almost perfect!) Let me tell you the chronology...

Morning..woke up to a nightmare! Got so worried after i dreamt of something need to write here..not worth remembering! then 2 person at the office..can't stop yacking about the past! this point..i don't really care what u guys think..i have 2 more working days left and then I AM FREE BEBEH!!! ;p

Evening..4 hours before the movie screens....He's still at the office!!!! I'm already at Damansara..and he is still at the office!uwaaaaaaaa.......Tension...he said that some stupid server malfunctioned and he had to fix it...WTF..not at this moment! You gotta be joking!..ughh...there goes my dinner i waited...i waited..and waited...7.30pm..still waiting..(already pissed of) and started sending text messages to let him know how i feel *hahaha..evil laugh* (now i am laughing..but when i was there sulking wasn't funny at all !....then when he called...i cried! almost automatically...i cried saying that if he doesn't come and watch the movie with me..that's it ! (u can understand my frustration rite!...huhu)

So he told me...politely..trying to calm me down..wait at the cinema..he will try and come as soon as possible...hmm...with my hopes up high again..i followed..and waited for him at the is at 9pm...and not long after..around 8pm..he texted me.."I'm on the way" ...My heart was screaming...of joy of course..huhu..! =)

He came on time..still trying to make me smile...(i was obviously still mad coz he made me wait so long!)..but yeah..he succeeded...he made me smile..all the way...until the end of the!!! The movie was good..but i liked the 1st one better..felt a little "geli" watching Megan Fox when at the back of my mind..still wondering if she really was a Man! hehe...

Life is so unpredictable rite? We can only plan things would work out the way we want..and if it doesn't, being human beings..we tend to get frustrated easily..

Thank God that nite..everything turned out to be good for me..with a few bumps here and there..I'm went well..I'm the happiest girl that nite..hehe...still smiling till today...!! =)

And yea...this post doesn't really have anything to do with Transformers..hehe..tataaa guys!! ;p

Thursday, June 25, 2009


Rindu sama dia....!

Words cannot describe how much I miss this point..rite this moment..haih..angin..sampaikan rinduku padanya..hehe..(Jiwang siot!)

Hope to see you soon...Hugs!


Friday, June 19, 2009

Latest photo!

Lately I've been feeling a little anxious for a lot of reasons...sigh..I hope I can just get thru this phase quickly...I hate being worried and stress and tension! you name it..I think its almost a mixture of emotions and the feeling is totally uncool!

Anyway..just felt like uploading my latest picture..(To cheer myself up!) ...This was taken during my graduation dinner as a BTA..yes..I finally completed the program..and soon off to my new role in Cyberjaya..wish me luck!

And see that new pink dress..I bought it in Surabaya for only RM20..! hehe..I like!! Also would like to upload my currently favorite saxophone player, Julian Smith, from Britain's Got Talent 2009. He is also known as Joolz Gianni and won 3rd place in this competition..So enjoy the music! ;)

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Tagged by Jehan

Sorry ya Miss Jehan..lama tak buat tag2 ni..but this one I like! I have to do it..hehe..

1st, download your favourite photo using effects at

I chose this template:

1. Do you think you are HOT?
Yezza..I'm hot bebeh...even tho i'm a bit phat..but yeah...i'm huggable! ;p

2. Why do you like this picture?
Because it's so colorful and it fits well with this pic..

3. When was the last time you ate pizza?
Just now..hehe..had it for dinner at the BITC gath..

4. The last song you listen to?
Dream a Dream by Susan Boyle (youtube)..I love her voice!

5. What are you doing right note besides this?
Chatting with Monica, FB, uploading pics to FB...humming to some songs..thinking of someone..

6. What name u prefer besides yours?

7. People to tag
Mr A
Kak Nora
....Wait..I just realize that most of my friends don't blog as often..same like moi'...hehe

8. Who is no.1?
Someone I love very much... =)

9. No.3 is having relationship with?
Currently..i have no idea..but he claims he has a lot of gals...huhu...

10. Say something about no.5?
My ex-collegue...kawan baik...looking forward to meet him again to get my prezzie from tha UK! huhu..

11. How about no.4?
My brother..sedang menuntut di Surabaya..bakal Dentist.. =)

12. Who is no.2 good friend at college...lama tak jumpa ya...hope she's doing ok...

13. Others?
Others what? Do i need to explain about those other people i tag? mengantoks ni..buat tau..jgn tak buat!

Till next time..nite!!

Misleading entry..eheh

I just came back from meeting some old friends...they read my blog...and they totally misunderstood some stories i wrote today i am going to correct it myself in this post..haha...

I broke up with my ex..and the person i keep posting about in this someone else..not my ex! hehe...

OK...that's all folks..if i write more..i might spill out something i'm not supposed to.. ;p


Monday, June 1, 2009


There's 16 days left before my contract with BAT ends..Am I excited or what?!!!!

Even tho a bit berat hati to leave my good friends..but am mostly happy and excited to countdown before the new beginning at EDS...a bit nervous too..hope all goes well there...Will definitely try my best...Amin..

Last Thursday Me and Mr A went to watch Terminator: Salvation..I like this version of John Connor of course..lagi macho..hehe...and the movie was nice..I like.. =)
Dpt tgk awal2 lagi la best..boleh action kat org lain..ekeke..ish2..tak baik..huhu..takdela..just happy that I got to see it ..with non other than Mr A...rindu pulak kat dia..since tak dpt jumpe weekend coz his folks were here..takpe..esok plan nak jumpa..and have dinner with him...looking forward..!

On Saturday I went shopping with Monica and plus we had lots of catching up to do..It was also her 1st time driving to Midvalley...and I was glad to be the co-pilot..mission accomplished when we successfully (safely) arrived at Midvalley! ehehehe... =P

Bought myself 4 novels..(really cheap..kempen utk galakkan org membaca!) hehe..and 2 sets of Pierre Cardin lingerie..I like!!!!!!

Ok la..nothing to blab about really..just wanted to update me blog yg rasa cam kesian dia tak diupdate..huhu...till next post..gudnite!