Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Do we look cute or what ? Hehe...

Last 2 weeks...went for movie marathon..well sorta..with some friends...We 1st went to watch Narnia - Prince Caspian (Thumbs up!)..Ben Barnes was like Super Hawt with the accent! *grins*.

A week later..We went to watch the premier for Indiana Jones at Times Square (Thumbs down! Boooringg!)...Not quite what I expected from Steven Speilberg...Well...apart from the alien part which he HAD to include in almost every movie....and in THIS movie...it was total nonsense! huhuhu...

Anyway..today's post is all about showing off to everyone how cute we are (yes we are cute!hehe...) and also to show you guys that taking pictures with human beings, props and even Pandas can be extremely fun !!!!!

All this was taken in front of the cinema..while waiting for our movie to start rollin'...Hehehe...Enjoy~~~~~

From left : Princess Monica, Princess Farah, and Prince Adi..and then we have Princess Farah with Ravi..(the macho warrior! =P)

p/s : The background pic of Prince Caspian is so the BRAVE looking..hehe...

The next shot...was with a real life human being...that can make 1001 facial expressions :P

As u can see...He is so proud of it! hahaha..And yes...we are all still cute in these pictures..Mr facial expression had to kembang his hidung on the last pic...lol...

Control macho lagi...

Dia dah jelir lidah...huhu..Sementara Farah & Monica masih maintain...lol!

Aksi kembang hidung!! huhu...

This would be the cutest of the lot....with Mr Kung Fu Panda himself..Woohoo!! Even though he is so gigantic....but still adorable..! And would u just look at Adi..ish3...strangling that poor panda..huhuhu...

Panda..u are so big..Don't squish me..huhu!

Adi : "I will kill you..Muahahaha" :P

Monica : "Haiyaa! I am Kungfu Master too" :D

And there you have it..me and my craziest friends..posing like kids..and enjoying ourselves to the max....huhu...Fyi..no Panda was hurt in the making of these snapshots.. :P

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Menjaga Hati

2 days ago..My prayers were answered..Alhamdulillah..
Me and my best friend are talking again.. :-)

We managed to help each other move on..(I hope)...All that I wanted to ask him..I finally found out..Thank you for your honesty..I'm glad we are talking again..I almost gave up at the last minute..but I know..you wouldn't dissapoint me..

Although, a part of me is a bit sad..Why? Most probably because I know we are not going to be so close as before..He is going to build his own life..things wouldn't be the same..I know I should be happy for him...Trust me,I am..but you can't blame me for feeling lonely and sad..I cared for him so much..but life must go on...and I accept all this...as its my fate..I know for a fact..he did care for me too... :)

This one is for you...
Thank you for giving me "our sweet memories"...Yes...I will remember them forever and ever...!!!
Thank you for being there when I needed you the most..Thank you for teaching me about love, life and friendship..Thank you for treating me like I am the most beautiful girl in the world..Thank you for making me more confident..Thank you for making me happy...Thank you for our friendship...Thank you for everything..and last but not least...Thank you for loving me..even though it was for a short while..I cherish every moment..I pray for your happiness...Take care my friend..

Monday, May 5, 2008

Finally...My Adidas

After days of searching in Midvalley, Gardens, Pavilion, KLCC, and Sg Wang...I finally ended up in Midvalley again and found my Adidas...Yahooo~~

Its not Superstar, because the one I wanted was already old season (shucks!). But never mind,this pair is the latest and newest of the lot..and its almost the same in terms of the color...pinkish..girlish me..hahaha..I love it !

Al-kisah, I went to Midvalley alone that day, thinking that I must complete my mission to find my Adidas...Even tho I did not find my Superstar..this one already brightened up my day! Its about RM250 and its still on the rack bebeh! heheheh....Can't wait to show of to Adi, Monica and Zhafri...they are going to be soooo jealous :P

On a side note, I watched Iron Man last Friday...It was awesome! Robert Downey Jr couldn't have looked more macho in that movie..hehe..For those who haven't watched that movie yet, be sure to stay in the cinema until the end, because after they show the VERY long castings...there's more to the ending..so heads up ya? Enjoy.....!

To my new pair of Adidas...I know you will look good on me...Shine baby Shine...LoL~

Income Tax

It was quite exciting to be doing the income tax..1st of all, I did it for my parents...
Theirs were quite straight forward, coz they already had their existing pin number..But mine...I had to go to LHDN office in Jalan Duta and get my pin number for E-Filing...OMG, dlm hati ni...rasa2 cam tak sempat je..Tomorrow was the due date and I had to do everything last minute! ahaha...and then I had to drag my parents along coz i dunno how to go there on my own..thanks mama and papa! hehe...

After we arrived there, lots and lots of people were doing their last minute process like me...~phew~ hehe...Managed to get a pc that was right at the corner..and finished of what was necessary..My 1st income tax that I needed to pay was RM17.70..Tadaa....!!! Luckily it was just a small amount..This year, I'm going to buy laptop lah..make it easier for calculation next tax! hehe..

The picture above is the receipt for my 1st Income tax payment...hehe...The tagline at the bottom of the receipt says "Terima kasih kerana menyumbang untuk pembangunan negara" ...hahah...That was easy!