Sunday, September 2, 2007

KL International Tattoo (Pocket Show)

Venue : Star Hill
Date : 01 Sept 2007

Well3...what can I say..I had a blast last night! But before that, let me brief you what is KL International Tattoo..

"In conjunction with 50 years of independence and Visit Malaysia Year 2007 the Malaysian Armed Forces (MAF) in collaboration with the Ministry of Tourism will co-host the KL International Tattoo Show. This tattoo will be an evening performance of military band music and cultural acts from across the world. The event will be held at the Merdeka Stadium, the birth place of our nation's independence.
The KL International Tattoo Show 2007 will run on 3 consecutive evenings, commencing from 7 September 2007. The evening will showcase military bands from Jordan, Brunei, France, India, United States, the Republic of the Philippines, the Republic of Singapore, the Kingdom of Thailand, Korea, the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, pipes and drums from the United Kingdom and a Maori cultural group from New Zealand.

The military band from the Malaysian Armed Forces and Royal Malaysian Police, the 'Wira Kris' from the Royal Malaysian Army, the silent drill from the Royal Malaysian Navy and the rhythmic gymnastics from the Royal Malaysian Air Force will be leading the performances on the three nights. The highlight of the show will be a Grand Finale by the massed bands of all participants combining to perform a specially arranged musical score with a synchronised fireworks display which should make it a night to remember."

Copied from link above! hehehe..... (psstt...Papa...I'm in the secreteriat now..promoting this..i should get some allowance...~uwekk~)

Anyway, my real content for this blog entry is that we had fun marching along with the brass band members (while they were playing their songs)...also took pictures with very2 cute guys!!!!hahaha... Marched from J.W.Marriott via Bukit Bintang Road and ends at Federal Hotel...for 3 times u know! wheeee!! :D There were so many people on the streets...all stopping to watch..and best part is..when we were on our way there...we had Outriders escorting our vehicles!!Yeahhhhhh!! was like some VVIP zone..everyone on the road had to give way for us to "lalu"!! Who would have thought we were gonna be escorted by policemen with big was awesome! :D We also met Major Ibrahim from Jordan (last pic.stripe shirt)..very nice man...he's band was the best that night..very2 sporting..!!) Still to come and see are the Frenchman,Britain, Maori group from NZ,and many can't wait for next upcoming rehearsal...Heheh....

U guys...for those who are interested...plz take at look at this link to get hold of ur are selling fast!

Here are the pics..I think this entry will get 4 xtra pics..hehe :P If i rajin..I will upload some more on Friendster :D


Its been a while since I updated my blog...just been a bit bz travelling and working :D
So..this time..I'm goin to upload 2 entry at once!! hehe...

This blog entry is about our 5 day trip to Surabaya (Yes..Indonesia again!)...hehe..but this time, our trip was not for shopping2 so much..we are sending our brother (Farid) to further his studies in Dentistry at University Air Langga, Surabaya..

Surabaya is a big city...bigger than KL...and so we got to go a few the same time goin to send Farid to his new place..First stop..had to buy his prepaid there, so next to our Hotel (which is Hotel Tunjungan), we went to Tunjungan Plaza...its one of the most popular shopping complex Mid Valley...mommy bought some "Product kecantikan"...(which in the end..ade yg takleh bawak balik pon!! Coz' bottle melebihi 1litre..cessss!) :P hehe..we also went to stop at Jambatan Merah Plaza..(or JMP)...mommy bought some nice batiks! :D We were also recommended to eat a Bon Cafe..a very nice restaurant...western menu...Indonesian dish..and 3 settings for dining room...Quiet unique... *wink* We also went to some "ole2" shop..played with their scary lookin' masks..hehe..and mommy bought....MORE BATIKS!! *lol*

All in all...their shopping complex...a bit like ours...they even have Sogo there! So...only shop what was necessary..I still prefer Bandung for shopping place! heheh...Our mission was to get Farid settled down and not to shop so much!..hahaha....konon~

As are the 4 best photos from the Surabaya trip~~~

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Go kart!!

Venue : City Karting Enterprise, Level 1 Quadrant C, Shah Alam Stadium,
Date : 21st July 2007
Event : Go kart for DLINK!

Our team outing this time is Go kart at Shah Alam...
Syiokk! Even though it was raining at first..we still had our hopes that the event would still go on! And at last..around 4pm..our race had begun!

Started of with 2 groups A and B...I was in group B (with all the boy racers!! :P) hahaha...anyway..first few trial laps were recording our fastest lap times to be in the finals..and yey! i got and fiona were the 2 ladies that were in the finals..with an extra car..noreen got in as well!

The car I drove spin at almost all corners! but it was fun! sharp corners were the best to test our skills to control the car! Even got to beat khoo and azali at some points! But in the number 1 was the problem! it was faulty! RMA it! ahaha..suddenly died...takde angin..takde ape...suddenly stopped! ayaark..could have won the race! :P The winners are ; 1st place is Raymond, 2nd place Fauzi..3rd place..noreen! are some pics to share...will upload more in fotopages! Enjoy~!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Bandung ~Shopping Spree~

Our family trip to Bandung was just awesome!!

We already had our "targets" on what to buy, and what to get for our holiday here in Bandung, Indonesia..Since day 1, we shopped till we dropped! If only the shops did not close so early there..I mean..9pm is too early to close ppl! :P name it..from handbags, shoes, clothes..everything is there! and also cheap! if you know where to would find all the branded and original stuff at very reasonable price..Thanks to our tour guide Pak Deden or we call him "Uncle D"...(Yellow shirt guy)...hehe...we got to the most lovely places for shopping! Yey! Below are some pics that we did remember to between the shopping schedule that were pretty bz! ahaks!