Thursday, September 24, 2009

Dialogue with Mr Ego Maniac

Date : 22 Sept 2009
Dialogue session : Via SMS

Me : Hi Mr J, how are you? How's raya ? Are you free on this date? My sister is getting married. Would like to invite you, if you' re free.

Mr J : Hi Farah. Raya is good. Dpt mkn banyak. I keje la on that day. Sorry tak dpt dtg.

Me: Oh yeke. Takpela camtu. Nak wat camne kan u keje...

Mr J : Tula. I kumpul duit nak kawin dgn akak u, tapi tak sempat. Anyway, wedding you nanti I try dtg yea

Me : Oh adik bongsu I ada lagi..U kumpul la duit siap2..Ok, I'll add you to my guest list. Let's see of you keep your word. Huhu..

Mr J : I ckp I try dtg. Bukan ckp I 100% pegi.

Me : (A bit speechless at how he can turn every conversation sour & wondering why the hell he has to hurt my feelings all the time...still managed to respond calmly...) Owh, ok..takpe..I ajak je..I tau u mmg busy..

End of text message..

Ni raya kan? So I should just forgive and forget..sabar jela...Hopefully...he will realize one day...that he doesn't need to be so ego and rude to me all the time..After all..siapa yg tolong dia masa dia susah2 time accident tu... Lupa ke? Hmm....
Sabar Farah..Sabar..

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Salam Aidilfitri

Selamat hari raya everyone!

Maaf zahir dan batin...!

Jemput datang rumah.... :)

Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Promise

Don't hang up on me

Don't hurt my feelings on purpose ; Treat me with respect

All I want is to be happy around you

Don't you?

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

When people don't take you seriously...

As title I feel the maximum depression when all things around me just don't turn out right..

People close to me don't take me seriously..causing me to be angry, sad and very2 stressed out!
They think I'm fooling around when I am dead serious...They laugh when I'm actually crying...(CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT!!!)...and they insult me by doing things behind my back...

Oh whyyyyyy?? Why is this happening to me! I've had enuff crying for today..and I don't want to be upset anymore..Raya is just around the corner..So why do these people keep torturing me? Where is all the forgiveness and love? *Sigh*

This is a test from God..Farah u HAVE to be strong..Keep your chin up..and BE STRONG!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Budak Comel...

Wowww.....!! Who's this cute nawty-looking girl? Hehe...
Weee....I just had my hair done!! But it costed me an effing RM420 for rebonding + hair treatment! WTF !?!?!
Mahalnyeee nak mamposs...Tapi disebabkan rambut ni dah sgt rosak and perlukan rawatan..ku tutup mata and swipe jua! Uwaaaaaaa.........!! Hmmpppjhhh!!! That's it....pasni gi je kedai aunty yg kat Sunway tu..jimat duit..rather than pegi salon mahal2 kat Midvalley nih... =(

Hurmm..duit..di mana kau duit!!

Farah yg comel !

Monday, September 7, 2009

Syukur Alhamdulillah

I am so thankful to Allah for giving us rezeki halal and lots of food to eat with so many different choices to choose from! For Ramadhan month..I managed to get my wish list for buka puasa..hehe..Take a look & drool! =P

Roti Jala

Onde Onde Gula Melaka

Nasi Kerabu

Kebab Pita

Spaghetti Carbonar from Delicious

Blue Lemon Drink

Air Tebu

Ayam Percik Bangsar

Sunday, September 6, 2009

I have sensitive skin!

OMG...i am so furious rite now...Grrrr...
My face has got some sort of rash looking thingy..(I think)..reddish and very2 itchy ! So itchy that I feel like washing my face over and over again..Why is this happening?

I know that my face is super sensitive..and this is like the gazillion-th time I've had to change my facial wash..after trying...Elianto...Garnier..Neutrogena..St Ives..(and many more!)...I'm back to using Clinelle..the expensive one..but so far does not 'hurt' my face..argghhh!! There goes my credit card again..*sigh*

On the other hand tho..I'm so glad my face has stopped itching so much for now after I'm using back Clinelle..I hope it gets rid of the reddish itchy rash thingy forever!! That's how bad I want it off my face =( more trying on make-up, compaq powder, dan sewaktu dgnnya to my face..let it rest and I'll just apply the facial wash daily..hope it works...