Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Go kart!!

Venue : City Karting Enterprise, Level 1 Quadrant C, Shah Alam Stadium,
Date : 21st July 2007
Event : Go kart for DLINK!

Our team outing this time is Go kart at Shah Alam...
Syiokk! Even though it was raining at first..we still had our hopes that the event would still go on! And at last..around 4pm..our race had begun!

Started of with 2 groups A and B...I was in group B (with all the boy racers!! :P) hahaha...anyway..first few trial laps were recording our fastest lap times to be in the finals..and yey! i got in..me and fiona were the 2 ladies that were in the finals..with an extra car..noreen got in as well!

The car I drove spin at almost all corners! but it was fun! sharp corners were the best to test our skills to control the car! Even got to beat khoo and azali at some points! But in the end..car number 1 was the problem! it was faulty! RMA it! ahaha..suddenly died...takde angin..takde ape...suddenly stopped! ayaark..could have won the race! :P The winners are ; 1st place is Raymond, 2nd place Fauzi..3rd place..noreen! hehehe..anyways..here are some pics to share...will upload more in fotopages! Enjoy~!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Bandung ~Shopping Spree~

Our family trip to Bandung was just awesome!!

We already had our "targets" on what to buy, and what to get for our holiday here in Bandung, Indonesia..Since day 1, we shopped till we dropped! If only the shops did not close so early there..I mean..9pm is too early to close ppl! :P Anyway..you name it..from Jeans..to handbags, shoes, clothes..everything is there! and also cheap! if you know where to go..you would find all the branded and original stuff at very reasonable price..Thanks to our tour guide Pak Deden or we call him "Uncle D"...(Yellow shirt guy)...hehe...we got to the most lovely places for shopping! Yey! Below are some pics that we did remember to take...in between the shopping schedule that were pretty bz! ahaks!