Friday, April 25, 2008

Superstar Adidas

My project for next to own these pair of Superstar Adidas! Wow...I like!!!
I tried it on last night..and just fell in love....huhu...There was no size 6 I will wait for the next stock..woohoo! Thank you Adi and Monica who were escorting me for window shopping yesterday..We also met up with Lawrence and Tony to watch Fool's Gold later that nite. The movie was great too~ Romantic comedy by Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson. For the can click here

Wish me luck for the new shoes!! hehehe.......

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Derrick & Team

Last Saturday...Me and Monica went for a 'hair relaxation day'...
For was fix all this frizziness..and for Monica, a hair treatment..
The place was not bad..quite affordable. My rebonding retouch was RM180 with free hair treatment and free hair cut. And Monica's hair treatment was some duo treament,also with free hair cut that cost her RM120..not bad rite? :)

Anyway, this salon was had Schwarzkopf professionals doing our hair ..Cool~~
And Misha Omar was their regular..and out of all the days..she was there too when we did our hair..hehe...'s our new hair look....Tadaaa~~

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Its been a month now..

Seems like you have moved look happy all the time...
Did you even care about how I felt ? Did you even notice???
All the things I put myself through... *sigh*

Well...maybe no hope now...
People said we would be OK in 2 weeks, its now a month..
I shouldn't even be thinking about you anymore..its not like you care...

If at all you were playing Cruel to be Kind... I am truly hurt now..but then you care....

So now I should try to buckle up...It won't be easy...but I will definitely try my best...
I just pray to God that He will help me get over this...Amin..

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Hey..I miss you...

Dear Friend..

It's been ages since we talked or hang out together..I feel miserable..and really2 miss your company..I really2 miss you.. =(

I am still you told me too..waiting for the day you will wanna talk to me again..and of course..waiting for our friendship to start over again..will that ever happen?

I want to see your smile again..I want to be by your side when you need a helping hand..Do you want to see me smile again? Will you be by my side when I need a helping hand?

I want to trust you..I want to be patient and respect your decision..but waiting seems like forever now... Sigh~

Anyway, my friend...I want you to know...I am right can count on me...I have never forgotten you...I am still hoping for a miracle...I leave that to Allah Almighty..Dear God, Please save our friendship...for I love my friend so much..Amin...

Saturday, April 5, 2008

No Air

One of my favourite songs at the moment..No Air by Jordin Sparks and Chris Brown..
Good vocal combinations in this song..I love it !! Beautiful melody..beautiful lyrics~